The Very Fine Line between Ultra-Modern and Too Clinical

Minimal Decor

Beyond doing up my own apartment on one of the many occasions I’ve changed residences in my short life, I’ve never really been overly interested in interior design and decoration topics. But that’s what travelling does – it exposes you to so many different things and so many different ways of looking at those things that you end up just picking up a broad-based knowledgebase of just about everything. Continue Reading ›

4 Reasons to Backpack the Untrodden Path in Italy

Italy View

Italy hosts the greatest number of UNESCO heritage sites in the world. It has one of the most diverse landscapes in Europe, gathering the majestic Dolomites and Alps mountains, amazing sea coasts that are famous all over the world, lakes, and rural areas to die for.

There are so many important sights in this country that you will need a lot of time to see at least half of them. But what you should know is that this picturesque European nation has a train system so well designed and so efficient, that you can jump on a train and enjoy the trip of a lifetime. Today we will get our travel gear on and take you on an Italian tour: backpacking the unbeaten path! Continue Reading ›

The Gap Year Conundrum – Surely More British Students Would Love to Take a Gap Year?

Gap Year

As a firm believer in feeding my wanderlust and as someone who maintains my own travel-related blog, I spend hours on end drawing inspiration from other fellow travel-bloggers and “life-livers.” Yes it’s great to have a platform over which to share my own travel stories, my points of view and my travel dreams, but it’s always nice to be able to entertain the one topic I’m most passionate about from the point of view of other travellers and travel bloggers as well. Continue Reading ›

Cruising Across the Atlantic – Destination USA

Atlantic Cruise

A transatlantic cruise headed in the direction of the Americas makes for a great way to get away from the northern hemisphere winter, especially if the ultimate destination includes some Caribbean locations. The closer one gets to the equator, the more in line they are to enjoy guaranteed summer climates because some Caribbean locations do indeed have all-year-round summers. Those which have anything close to winter like the Cayman Islands have very mild winters in comparison to many other locations. Continue Reading ›

8 Ways to Enjoy Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo

Since the entire principality of Monaco only covers a total surface area of 2.02 square kilometres, narrowing one’s destination down to Monte Carlo naturally raises some concerns as to having enough to do while visiting this often very mystified part of the world. Surprisingly however, there are so many things to do within the 0.61 square kilometre perimeter of Monte Carlo alone, let alone the entire principality, which on your best days you could literally walk through it at least once over. Continue Reading ›

Mediterranean Road-Trip from Seville to Barcelona

Mediterannean Coast

Admittedly, there are a few options available to you if you’re keen on a Mediterranean road-trip up Spain’s south coast right up the north-east, one of which is driving from anywhere in Andalucía to Figueres. Unless the Mediterranean makes for just one leg of a much more extensive continental road-trip though and you’re passing through in your own car, taking a more pragmatic itinerary will have you getting a whole lot more out of the time you spend in Spain. So it’s perhaps best to do the Seville-to-Barcelona route. This way you won’t be limiting yourself only to the coast as there are some hidden inland gems to discover and complement your coastal foray with.

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Top Landmarks in Europe

big ben

The European continent has a really long history and it was created by the cultural developments of many unique societies. Travelling in different parts of Europe provides you with different experiences. Each country within Europe have their own cultural and historical landmarks. Hundreds of thousands of tourists come to these European countries each year, keen to learn about the history behind them. We have gathered some of the top landmarks that are really worth visiting in Europe.

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