Family Holidays in Britain with a Difference

City break


I’ve heard a lot of people saying this year that the cost of holidaying in the usual European resorts has been really expensive – the price of food and drink is getting ridiculous and we aren’t really getting value for money anymore with the fluctuating currency markets. Next year avoid paying outrageous prices (like the equivalent of £10 for a local beer) plus the added expensive of travelling to Spain, and stay in the UK. You’ll be surprised at the options available that are right on your doorstep. Try this ebookers discount code for a great saving off the total cost of your trip.

Weekend adventure

For a total getaway experience try Centre Parcs. They have resorts in Cumbria, Nottingham and Wiltshire nestled in luscious forests. A bit like a home from home, you’ll get all of your usual comforts plus top notch facilities including cycling trails, a spa and pool, sports activities and children’s sport camps. You can stay in the hotel facility, suites or in a lodge – which is ideal if you have other family members staying with you or additional friends. If you’re needing to get away from the laptop and your mobile phone, I’d highly recommend these resorts to switch off and relax – the beautiful surrounding alone are stunning and the high quality of leisure and entertainment facilities at Centre Parcs itself is remarkable.

Weekend adventure

Island time

If you fancy a complete cut off from traffic, noise pollution and the 9-5 grind, then take the kids to escape to a Scottish island. Only 50 minutes from Glasgow or 1 hour from Stranraer, is Ardrossan ferry terminal which will take you to the stunning isle of Arran. Chill out and relax on one of the beautiful beaches, take advantage of the walking trails and dramatic mountain treks where you will be breathless by the view. For a cultural experience, you should definitely try the local whisky distillery tour or shop at the arts and crafts shops. Arran is a special island often nicknamed as ‘Scotland in miniature’ – it’s not as remote as the Hebridean islands and easy enough to travel to from the north of England or central Scotland.

Island time

City break

The Scottish capital attracts thousands of tourists every year from across the world. Edinburgh sure knows how to throw a party and the buzzing nightlife shows its visitors how to have a good time. Steeped in centuries of history, you’ll love wandering the medieval cobbled streets for shopping, visiting the cities attractions such as the Edinburgh dungeon, Ocean Terminal, and of course the dramatic castle which sits on the hill overlooking the city. August is a great time to visit with the Fringe Festival offering a mass of comedy shows, art and theatre productions – book in advance to avoid disappointment.

City break

Surfer’s paradise

If you or your kids are adrenaline daredevils or keen water sports enthusiast, the Cornish coast is a must-do location for your family. Perfect beaches and coves added to the wind off the English Channel provides the perfect swell and conditions for kayaking, surfing and wakeboarding. Surfers from across Europe shy away from the Spanish coastlines in favour of Cornwall – yep it’s that good. Look out for surfing schools and lessons on the beaches. While you’re not in the water you definitely need to explore a bit more of Cornwall so visit the stunning cliffs, little harbour villages and seafood restaurants.

Surfer’s paradise

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