Best Retro Bars in Europe

Le Fantome - Paris

When travelling around Europe, it’s great to find somewhere where you can get to know the locals people and enjoy a few games on a pool table or drink a refreshing cocktail. Wherever you go in Europe, there are always fantastic retro bars to visit. Take a look at the list below to see a few of the best places to visit on your travels, some of which I visited on my own travels. One of my favourites was actually Le Fantome in Paris and that’s also the first in my list!

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Three of the Most Common Myths Regarding Ski Holidays


Now, this is something I’ve never done but would love to. I almost had the opportunity when I was in Austria but one thing led to another and I was only in Austria for three days despite meaning to stay there for a week however, that’s a story for another day.

I know for a fact though that a skiing holiday is probably one of the most exciting and fun filled holidays that you could go on. From the adrenaline rush you get when gliding down the slopes to the taste of that well-earned hot chocolate, or alcoholic beverage, in the chalet afterwards. However, whenever I’ve spoken to someone about going skiing, a lot of the replies I get are about how expensive it is or whatever other myth they’ve been told by this person or that person. Well, I figured that for my next post, I would look into three of the most common myths about skiing and why they aren’t true.

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My 4 Favourite Themed Hotels in Europe

Save the Beach Hotel

I have travelled like a pauper and like a queen, staying in some of the grubbiest hotels and hostels on the planet whilst enjoying stays at some rather weird and wonderful hotels. Some of my best memories have been inside themed accommodation – which have stood out in my mind. I mean, some of my best memories have also been from when I stayed in some real grubby, nasty hostels but, I figured an article about that wouldn’t have been the most inspiring so I decided I would share with you some of the best themed hotels in Europe, some of which I’ve stayed in and others I haven’t, yet…

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5 Must-Visits When Travelling to Europe

Gondola Venice

Right now I am suffering from the post-travel blues. I’ve returned home to the familiarity of my home and family, but cannot help but long for buzz of the Kazakhstan, the heat of the sun in the South of France or just enjoy a soak in the Baden-Baden spa in Germany.

I am lucky enough to have travelled across Europe learning new things, making life-long friends and enjoying wonderful experiences. There are some things I strongly recommend travellers must do when visiting Europe, and here they are…

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Europe’s Hidden Allure Calls for a Road Trip


It was quite fitting to hear the familiar lyrics of Dido’s “Sand in My Shoes” when I made my way back from my solo trip through Europe, as somewhat of a normalisation ritual to get all those club-bangers I’d heard out of my head. I didn’t exactly go club-hopping as there’s just so much more to Europe than the nightlife, but yeah you hear dance music everywhere you go nowadays so really, you have a hard time getting away from it.

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3 Things Every Traveller Must Do


Travelling across Europe was always a dream of mine – so I chose to make it a reality. It was, without a doubt, the most rewarding experience of my life. With the heavy heart, I returned home to the UK, filled with a thousand memories, dirty clothing and the odd scar and bruise.

I made a few mistakes along the way, and I embraced new experiences that allowed me to embrace my trek across the continent. So, I thought I would share tips from my adventure with you. I hope you enjoy!

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Luxury Travel on a Budget

Luxury Travel

I’ve perhaps always been a firm believer in getting full value for any money I spend, but ever since I realised I’d been bitten by the travel bug a while ago now, the inner penny-pincher in me has been truly emancipated. By no means am I cheap; I mean I do enjoy some of the finer things life has to offer, but anyone who harbours a deep-running love for travelling can never have enough money, ever!

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Guide To Solo Travel For Women In Europe

Maggie in Rome - 6am Shot

My very first backpacking trip abroad was a two-month solo journey across Europe — although I didn’t plan it to be that way. I was supposed to go with a friend, but about two months before our departure, she had to cancel.

At first, I wanted to sack the whole trip off, but the more I thought about it, the more I realised I’d actually been planning this big trip for months and months and I’d been dreaming about it for years and years! Plus I’d already bought the non-refundable plane ticket, which cost me a bomb so I started researching solo travel and started to get my head around the fact I was going to be spending two months on my own in Europe. The more I researched it, the more I came to realize that solo travel sounded amazing. I decided to throw caution to the wind and just do it. Continue Reading ›