5 Fun SoCal Beach Activities (and Where to Do Them)

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If you’re looking for a good time in Southern California, many recommend heading to the beach. There are so many beaches in the area, though, that it might be hard to choose which beach to go to. Here are some of the top beach activities and where you should go to enjoy them.

Paddleboarding in La Jolla Shores

Stand-up paddleboarding is the new big thing when it comes to beach activities and is really big throughout the shores of California. La Jolla Shores is a popular beach, so don’t be surprised if it’s packed, but it’s a great location for paddleboarding because it’s easy to launch the board from the shore.

Finding Treasure at Sand Dollar Beach

If you’re more interested in finding treasure in the sand, Sand Dollar Beach is a great destination. Here is a common place where you can find sand dollars, hence the name, but you can also find other shells and green jade stones. If you head a little way down the beach, you’ll find Jade Cove where more jade stones can be found. It can be a lot of fun for those who like to search for tokens of their trip to the beach.

Picnicking at El Matador Beach

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If you’re looking for a beach that is great for picnicking, El Matador State Beach is a great option. Because of the rock formations here, it’s possible to find a small nook among the formations and have a romantic picnic for just you and your sweetheart. You could also make it a family thing by having a picnic and letting the kids explore the beach.

The result is a quieter experience than most of the touristy, crowded beaches. If you need a place to stay nearby, check out the options for Anaheim hotels, which will put you close to many attractions in the area like Universal Studios and Disney Parks.

Playing Volleyball at Santa Monica Pier

If you’re ever played beach volleyball, you know how much fun it can be. With the soft sand under your feet, you can dive for the ball without needing kneepads and really get into the fun of the sport. Santa Monica Pier and surrounding areas are perfect Southern California beaches for volleyball. There are four main areas with courts: Ocean View North Beach with 12 courts, 1150 PCH Beach Volleyball Courts at Lot 3 with eight courts, 1640 Appian Way with five courts, and 810 PCH courts at Lot 8 with 13 courts.

Walking at Venice Beach

If you enjoy walking around and people watching, Venice Beach is the perfect place. Here you’ll find street artists, sand sculptors, and weight lifters. Next to the beach is Ocean Front walk, which stretches for three-quarters of a mile. You can easily walk along this path and take in the sights. As you go along, you’ll see colorful murals, a skate park, and an outdoor gym.

Though it might seem like all beaches are the same, what you want to do at the beach completely determines which beach you should go to. It just depends on whether you want to be highly active, play in the water, or have a quiet time.

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