Boys Weekend: The Essentials!

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Are you planning a boy’s weekend? We don’t want to know what you have in mind, but we do have some ideas of essential items you need to take! Wherever you are planning to go, whether it’s for a fishing trip or just a weekend of letting your hair down, there’s some things that are truly necessary, and of course, beer is one of them! No lad’s weekend can ever be complete without the drink, but we – of course – advise you to drink responsibly! A cooler will also be essential, then, as you don’t want to be drinking warm beer!

Another absolutely essential item is your choice of clothing; if the weather’s good you need a pair of shorts at the very least, and a change of t-shirts! You want to pack light, however, as it’s not great to have to lug a heavy case around with you for a weekend. So, where do you go for a lad’s weekend? There’s the traditional stomping ground of Blackpool, with its many bars and clubs, or perhaps one of the big cities where you can experience the bright lights? However, I prefer a camping trip, as it always throws up some interesting experiences!

You Need Music!

No lads weekend will feel right if there is no music involved, so you need at the very least a portable sound system. If you can find one that works wirelessly and accesses your phone for MP3 files, then you’re onto a winner, and that’s why my number 1 essential item is my wireless subwoofer! Now, if you haven’t heard one of these in action, you’re in for a real treat! What are they? Brilliant is what they are.

Lads holiday

It’s probably best you take a look for yourself, so I’ll just say they are portable sound systems that allow you to play music wirelessly, and they come with a subwoofer to provide the very best in bass sound – bass, in fact, that you have never heard the likes of before. We found a great review of wireless subwoofers at, an excellent website featuring reviews of a wide range of items, with details of specifications, pros and cons, recommendations and price comparisons. It’s well worth a look, whatever it is you are searching for.

Buying a Subwoofer

When buying a subwoofer, there are some features to look for; if you are going to be carrying it around you need it to be light and portable, and it must be said some are bigger than others. You also need it to be able to stream the music from your device, so check the specifications before you commit. There is plenty of choice, as you will see when you read the review, so there will certainly be a model that suits your requirements and budget.

Wherever you choose to go, make sure you enjoy your lad’s weekend, and remember, drink responsibly, stay safe, and enjoy music whenever you want. That’s all from us, so have a great weekend!

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