Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner: Where You Need to Eat in Ottawa

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Ottawa is Canada’s capital and the fourth-largest city in the country. Travelers will find plenty of tourist attractions along with impressive architecture and a lively culture. However, in order to fully enjoy what the city has to offer, you need a full belly!

No matter the time of the day or your personal tastes, you’ll easily find superb eateries all over the city. So, here’s a selection of top-notch restaurants for the early-morning coffee, the midday feast, or the nightcap before returning to your hotel.

Breakfast at Art Is In Bakery

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If you’re looking for freshly baked pastries, warm buttery croissants, and a gourmet take on traditional breakfast dishes, then Art Is In Bakery is the place to go. As the name so eloquently implies, you’ll indeed find art in the bakery. It’s a mix of a Parisian boulangerie with a funky Brooklyn cafe drawing foodies to its downtown converted warehouse.

Brunch at Stoneface Dolly’s

If you woke up slightly late but don’t feel like a full-on lunch meal, your best bet is having brunch at Stoneface Dolly’s. It offers about eight different choices of eggs, but visitors can also try classics such as omelets. For those looking for something heavier, try the New York strip or the Jerk breakfast ribs.

Lunch at Pure Kitchen

Don’t feel left behind if you happen to have a vegetarian or vegan diet. Pure Kitchen started as a catering partnership with a yoga studio and eventually became a renowned vegetarian restaurant. Apart from healthy salads and creative wraps, visitors can also have Canadian poutine with mushroom gravy (the vegan version comes with cashew cheese!).

Dinner at The King Eddy

The King Eddy is a classic American diner serving burgers and sundaes but also cocktails for the grown-ups. It’s located in ByWard Market, a bustling hub of restaurant stalls and shops, and the ideal neighborhood to book a hotel. Make sure you order the humongous double cheeseburger with a maple milkshake and see if there’s room for dessert.

Desserts at Stella Luna Gelato Cafe

In the 2016 Gelato World Tour, Stella Luna had one of the top three gelatos in the Americas, so you can expect excellent quality. However, if you’re not in the mood for artisan ice creams, the venue also excels in making handcrafted crepes, buttermilk waffles, and freshly baked scones. And don’t go home before trying the authentic Italian hip coffees.

Nightcap at Union Local 613

Union Local 613 is the ideal restaurant for those who had a late lunch but could still eat something before going to bed. It serves mostly Southern food such as fried chicken and grits, but the late menu is diverse and will please most visitors. The cherry on the cake is the cellar speakeasy serving punch varieties and cocktails.

After going through this list, you may have realized that Ottawa’s food scene is an attraction in itself. It’s just a small sample of the eclectic range of eateries in the city, but it’s enough to know you’ll have a large selection to choose from.

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