8 Ways to Enjoy Monte Carlo

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Since the entire principality of Monaco only covers a total surface area of 2.02 square kilometres, narrowing one’s destination down to Monte Carlo naturally raises some concerns as to having enough to do while visiting this often very mystified part of the world. Surprisingly however, there are so many things to do within the 0.61 square kilometre perimeter of Monte Carlo alone, let alone the entire principality, which on your best days you could literally walk through it at least once over.


You’ll want to get this out of the way first because touring is in effect completing your reconnaissance mission of this prestigious destination. There are many different ways of touring Monte Carlo, most of which have a luxurious twist to them, such as being driven around in a stretch limousine or flying overhead in a guided helicopter tour. The helicopter tour is always over way too quickly though, so you might want to reinforce that with a ground-level tour in the Azur Express train.


What’s a trip to Monte Carlo without a bit (or a whole lot) of gambling? Contrary to what you may believe, there’s more than one casino in Monte Carlo, with options stretching beyond the famous Casino de Monte Carlo. If you’re all out of reserves to continue pretending to be a high-roller, you can take your gaming exploits online and perhaps find a nice spot at a nice restaurant to try your luck on some casino games online. Otherwise entry into the Casino de Monte Carlo requires your passport and a jacket.


Monte Carlo has a jumping night life with a hint of class and sophistication to it. Take your pick from a handful of dance clubs including Le Sea Lounge, Karément, Black Legend, Zelo’s, and Jimmy’z to party the night away.


Shopping is a bit expensive over here, so some window shopping will do just as well…


Sightseeing never gets old in the whole of Monaco, but even more so in Monte Carlo itself. Between the squads of starry-eyed tourists which land via cruise ship and all the people who look suspiciously like they have a lot of money to their names, the super yacht-lined coast will serve as a great source of inspiration. There are many other sights to see however, whether it’s some historic sites, parks, or museums.


If you enjoy a bit of pampering, how about enjoying it in true style? Between resting your head under the roof of what will likely be some luxury accommodation, you can split your downtime between your hotel and a visit to one of many great spas available. A handful of these which come to mind include Willow Stream Spa, Fitness & Pool, Daniela Steiner, and Margy’s among a few others.


Al fresco dining is the order of the day in Monte Carlo, especially if you enjoy being caressed by a gentle sea breeze as you enjoy some of the finest (and perhaps expensive) foods on offer, anywhere in the world really.

Attractions (Events)

If you time your visit right, strategically basing yourself all around the principality (beyond just Monte Carlo) can have you catching a glimpse of the prestigious Monte Carlo Grand Prix action.

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