Hello and thanks for dropping by

 This is the bit that I find the toughest to write without sounding really narcissistic and neurotic! My name’s Maggie, or as my parents christened me, Margaret. However, I’m not elderly, in fact I’m close to the 40 mark, I’m a runner, dog-walker, traveller and writer, mum of 4 and a wife

In terms of my blog, its my ramblings about my experiences from when I traveled around Europe almost 18 months ago now. I visited plenty of lovely places and made pages and pages of notes while I was in each place but I’ve just never had time to write them up and this blog is my way of doing that.

The blog is AtmosEurope.com and my thinking behind that was that each and every city, town or village I visited had a totally different atmosphere, all friendly I might add. So, I figured what better way to capture all of that than sticking it all in a blog?!

I hope you enjoy my ramblings and if you’d like to contact me, you can do here. If you’d like to contribute to the blog, feel free to check out my write for me page with all of my guidelines and then drop me a line.

Next Items on My Bucket List

Here is my current bucket list of things Im yet to tick off.

  • Skiing Whistler
  • Scuba Diving
  • Driving across the USA
  • Helicopter over Grand Canyon
  • Seeing Elephants in the Wild

I try to keep my bucket list down to a few items at a time so it doesn’t appear to duanting.

What im reading next

I’m also reading more when I travel now so heres a list of what Im taking with me on my next vacation.

Show me a mountain
the forgotten summer
little pieces

Loaded on My Ipod

I tend to listed to the same music for long periods of time so don’t expect this to change too often.



Thats all for now folks, please remember to leave a comment on my posts and any feedback would be great, Im still learning what blogging is all about and your feedback would be really helpful.  Thanks to all my friends and family who have helped me get this off the ground.

Maggie xx