Best Retro Bars in Europe

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When travelling around Europe, it’s great to find somewhere where you can get to know the locals people and enjoy a few games on a pool table or drink a refreshing cocktail. Wherever you go in Europe, there are always fantastic retro bars to visit. Take a look at the list below to see a few of the best places to visit on your travels, some of which I visited on my own travels. One of my favourites was actually Le Fantome in Paris and that’s also the first in my list!

Le Fantome – Paris

Le Fantome is a real must-see when travelling in Europe. It’s filled with arcade machines from the 80’s including a Pac-Man Arcade Machine, fully-stocked bar, Football Table and much more. It’s a fantastic hit with all retro-loving travellers due to it’s fun, lively atmosphere and signature cocktails created by the passionate La Fantome team.

This classic arcade bar turned diner even served handmade pizzas which taste fantastic. I can’t remember the name of the one I had but it had some kind of chorizo sausage on it and it was exquisite!

Namco Funscape – London

Namco’s Funscape is a modern take on the classic 80’s, fluorescent arcade bar. It’s London’s largest entertainment centre and really has to be seen to be believed. It’s filled with several Arcade Games, Pool Tables, Ping-Pong Tables, Dodgems and even it’s own 12 lane Bowling Alley. Accompanied with a diner and bar, it’s the perfect place for to relax and have fun in London after sightseeing all day.

Kongs of King Street – Bristol

Kongs of King Street is a must-visit is you are ever travelling within the UK near Bristol or Bath. The owners of this retro “barcade” have been playing computer games since they were little and are very passionate about creating the perfect retro experience for their visitors – this shows through in every design aspect of the venue from retro gaming posters on the walls to the arcade machines available to play throughout the evening.

The venue embraces the 80’s feel with a Football Table, Table Tennis Table, Arcade Machines, fantastic beer and Bristol’s finest DJ’s playing on music nights making it a fantastic place to have fun and enjoy getting to know Bristol’s locals.

The Soho Bar – Spain

This indie music bar sports a luminous retro them alongside serving delicious nachos, cocktails, popcorn and beer too! They have an array of old-school video game consoles available for their guests to play including Atari, Sega Master System and even an old Tetris Arcade.

De Ton-Ton Club – Amsterdam

De Ton-Ton Club in Amsterdam will light your way with an array on colours as you enter the room. This small bar and arcade is located in the centre of Amsterdam and filled with classic Arcade Games like Sega Rally and Metal Slug 2 – this place even has its own ball pit for adults!

The relaxed, casual atmosphere mixed with exciting games makes it the perfect place to experience the full Amsterdam Nightlife with your friends. A must-see if you’re visiting or in the area.

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