Family Ski Holidays in France are the Best – Here’s Why…

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Family ski holidays in France are just better…

When you think of ski holidays a multitude of destinations come to mind. Perhaps Cervinia in Italy, or maybe Obergurgl in Austria – perhaps even Telluride in Colorado – or if you’re particularly adventurous maybe you imagine indoor skiing in a place like Dubai.

There is a very strong argument to be made that none of those places can live up to the ski experience that France can give you – especially for families. Here we will explain why.

It’s the scenery

There’s something rather magical about the French Alps. The views really are spectacular. I hear what you might be saying “well, a run is a run” and you might have a case – but you’re ignoring all the unique features of the French Alps that make it stand out as the best.

There are so many things to see that are quintessentially French, things you could only see there, unmissable, beautiful things – and certainly things you’d never see in Colorado or Canada. In France you can:

  • Peruse Picturesque Villages – One thing France has a lot of is amazingly beautiful, old villages that exude character. You’d be hard pressed to find a prettier sight – although admittedly Switzerland, Italy and Austria do have some lovely villages too. But in the Alps they are like a picture perfect postcard of snow capped roofs and winding streets – they’re truly magical and well worth a visit.
  • Fuel up on Fantastic Food With a View – France and food go together like skis and snow, so it’s a perfect fit for anyone with a predilection for the gastronomical. You can find some extraordinary restaurants in the French Alps – and the kicker is that there are breathtaking views to look at whilst you restore your strength after a day on the slopes.
  • Soak up both Snow & Sun – Just because you are going on a skiing holiday doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some sunshine too – and actually there is a lot of sunshine in the Alps. In fact, it’s so bright and sunshiny that you will probably need some sun cream if you’re prone to burning. Writing for The Daily Mail in August 2013 Charlotte Harding said “you should wear a sun cream of at least factor 15 – and preferably much higher as most of us only wear half the amount of sun cream we should, meaning we halve the protection factor”.

It’s true that other areas of the Alps can be sunny – but the combination of fantastic food and village scenery makes a strong case for the uniqueness of France.

The Slopes are the Best

You will find some of the most exceptional runs in the world in France. The country has a long historical connection to skiing, which meant that several pioneers came through the ranks to create an outstanding ski scene that amateurs and professionals alike flock to in a big way.

Some amazing runs of the French Alps include the following:

  • Combe de La Saulire – Located in Courchevel this red run is extremely long at 3km and provides a good family-friendly experience. Writing for the Telegraph in 2013 Peter Hardy said of the run “as you head down you can see people descending the infamous couloirs – Sous Pylons, Emile Allais and the Grand Couloir” so it’s a combination of great skiing and iconic views.
  • The Swiss Wall – Situated in Avoriaz this run is for experts only, but it truly is astounding in every way. On the edge of France and on the verge of Switzerland, this run is considered one of the most fearsome. Hardy said of the  run “Fear kicks in on a precarious overhang ahead of a perilous route, hidden beyond the next turn”.
  • Le Tunnel – In Alpe d’Huez you will find this mammoth run that has the honour of being the longest black run in Europe. Hardy elaborated in The Telegraph in 2013 saying “Any fall that’s not immediately arrested can result in a slide of 200m – or worse”. Not for the faint hearted.

France does of course cater to beginner and intermediate skiers as other countries in the Alps do, but having access to the greatest, most exhilarating and celebrated ski runs are what really makes France the best for those with a passion for the sport.

There’s Enough Variety for Everyone

The tradition of skiing in France means that there is a long established trope of many French people growing up with holidays centred around skiing with their families. This tradition still exists, and, although every family is different, the range of resorts means there is something for everyone.

Ski holiday and travel expert Peter Hardy, writing again for The Telegraph in June 2014, put it like this – “the French Alps offer the best variety of resorts of any country in the world”. He wasn’t wrong. Skiing holidays in the French Alps offer:

  • Variety of Holiday – There are holidays for any need – family ski holidays with childcare, high-end luxury holidays with spa treatments and everything else in between. Whatever you are looking for – you can find it all in France.
  • Variety of Budget – If you’re choosing a ski resort in France you will find that you can not only find the type of holiday you want, but also a range of budgets, so you can find the perfect resort without breaking the bank!. Even the higher end holidays can start at reasonable prices, although they quickly ramp up if you are looking to go in peak season.
  • Variety of Activities – If you want a resort with lots of nightlife you can have it, if you want a resort with great shopping you can have that too. If you want a resort with facilities for kids, self-catering, inclusive lessons or anything else you can easily find one that meets all your needs in France..

Making the journey to ski in France is usually either a really long trip, such as skiers from the U.S or pretty short – like skiers from the U.K. Either way, the travel is fairly flexible, with frequent, direct flights available from many locations – so there are a variety of ways to travel to France for a ski holiday too.

So That’s Why Family Ski Holidays in France are the Best!

Well, you might agree – you might not. Either way there are endless possibilities for fantastic family ski holidays in France that really make it a great choice – so if you are looking to go on a brilliant skiing holiday, France really does have it all.

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