How Can I Reduce My Business Expenditure? Tips and Advice

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It’s no secret that a business that isn’t cost-effective will most likely fail, the issue you might be having though is knowing how you can go about cutting costs without damaging the quality of your output and productivity.

You might also think that you’re already working in quite a frugal way, but you’d be surprised as there are several ways you can reduce expenditure – some of which you might not have thought about before.

What follows are some useful strategies for streamlining your finances:

Go Greener

Rolling out greener initiatives not only sends out the right environmental image for a business, it also helps you cut down on your utility bills. You might want to try:

  • Replacing your light bulbs with energy efficient versions
  • Having your teams turn off all equipment fully after use
  • Installing low-flow taps and toilets
  • Not using air conditioning unnecessarily


Rather than spending more in-house on managing roles such as admin or your deliveries, you can save by outsourcing these to external companies. With the latter though you can also use the services of an established and expert firm like Parcel2Go who will have a bigger variety of delivery services to offer your clients.

Update Software
If you find that you spend most of the day trying to catch up with things that have already happened, it might mean that you have an out of date database system. If this is the case, you should consider switching to event-driven architecture solutions which can analyze and streamline data transfer as it happens, saving you time and money. If you want to know more about event-driven architecture, you can read this blog content about event driven architecture at Vantiq.

Purchase Second-hand

The furnishings or machineries you might use for your business can be sourced nearly new or second hand, often for much less than the normal retail price. Alternatively, searching for coupons for businesses that you purchase from is a great way to save yourself some money. For example, looking for an eBay coupon, or a coupon for wherever you shop, is a smart way to get things cheaper. While these won’t be brand new, they will still offer the same functionality; it may also encourage you to take greater care of them.

Limit Business Travel

You should carry out a review of your business travel and assess whether you are carrying out any unnecessary journeys. If so, these need to be limited with cost and distance, or you should at least be looking to plan these in further in advance to ensure cheaper tickets.

Use Free Business Tools

You may use certain systems and digital tools with your business, but today there are a wealth of other options that are often free that you could use instead. Everything from planning and scheduling tools, to programs and antivirus can be sourced for free, you just need to carry out a little research.

By implementing some or all the above into your operations, you can also potentially realise the benefit of having more funds to play with each month. If you find you’ve managed to cut costs to a level where you have surplus amounts, this is revenue you can invest in improve your business even more.

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