How to Pack Without the Panic

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The lead up to a holiday is filled with excitement, until it’s time to pack. Not all of us are methodical enough to make sure we have everything we’ll need while we’re away, sometimes this leads to purchasing while we’re away – and the last thing you need is your all-important spending money being eaten away at.

To avoid the last-minute packing and potentially ruining your holiday, here’s some of my top packing tips.

  1. Make a list.

Seems so obvious but a great deal of travellers skip this step. If you’re the type of person who tries to pack just by looking around their room, I’m talking to you. In the weeks leading up to your holiday, think about everything you use on a daily basis and write it down. If you’re going to pack makeup try to run through your makeup regime and pack what you use as you go. Take into consideration items you might need in the weather conditions of the destination you’re heading to. Sun cream and beach towels are obvious and rarely forgotten, but perhaps you’ll be after baby wipes to get the sand of your feet? Get Bra Advice suggest to pack a good set of workout wear in case you decide to take part in any high intensity activities while you’re away. Think of every eventuality. Note it down.

  1. Make your suitcase identifiable.

You’ve made a comprehensive list, you’ve packed absolutely everything you need and more. You’re at baggage claim and you end up waiting two hours only to realise someone with a similar bag has taken all of your belongings on their trip, and are most likely making use of your meticulous planning. Avoid someone else taking your bags by decorating suitcases with stickers, shoelaces, anything! There’s an awful lot of people travelling with the same size suitcase because of their baggage allowance – make yours stand out. It’ll probably end up saving you some time looking for it too.

  1. Be resourceful.

If you’re packing any particularly fragile objects, wrap them in your clothing and towels to prevent any breakages. Also, if you’re travelling to somewhere that sees a lot of pickpocketing, try to conceal valuables in empty tubes of suntan lotion and lip balm. When packing pressed powder makeup, remember to put a little cotton wool between the powder and the mirror, preventing smashing the powder and ending up with flesh coloured stains over all your carefully picked outfits.

  1. Keep luggage allowance in mind.

If we could pack as much as we wanted to, the packing process would be a whole lot easier. Luggage allowances are not a guideline, and if your suitcase is too heavy they won’t hesitate to make you repack. Repacking often leads to losing something that becomes essential while you’re away. Don’t fall into this trap. Also try to consider the journey back home. You’re likely to pick up some souvenirs and duty-free deals, so try to leave space for the way back. If you decant beauty products like face creams into smaller jars which are the right size for the amount of product you’ll require during your stay, you’ll be able to leave them behind, freeing up valuable space in your returning luggage.

Most importantly, don’t leave it till last minute! Frantic packing never ends well. You want to be able to kick back and relax the night before a holiday, nobody wants to be frantically packing when they’re up for an early morning flight, do they? Get yourself ready to relax with a stress-free sleep the night prior to your departure.

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