Romantic Ideas to Make Your Wedding More Memorable

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You want your big day to be beyond perfect, right? A day not only you and your beloved but everyone in attendance, will not easily forget. You want your wedding to be ultra romantic and fun. Stuck for ways to make your wedding more memorable? Then check out these romantic ideas for inspiration!

Make Your Venue Extra Special

Choosing a venue is arguably the most important decision you’ll make as far as your wedding day is concerned. If you want to up the romance factor and make your big day more memorable then opt for something that properly fits the bill.

You may wish to consider a “destination wedding” on a tropical island somewhere, or an outdoor wedding in a vineyard or botanical garden. An old mansion with chandeliers is very romantic as is a castle. One of the most romantic ways to get married, however, is to do it whilst cruising out on the harbour and enjoying spectacular views. A wedding cruise is also convenient as the whole shebang can be conducted from one (albeit constantly moving) location!

At The Ceremony

Arrange seats in a circular pattern around you and your beloved and the celebrant. Everyone will feel more included.

Warm Your Rings

Consider a ring-warming ceremony, where your rings are tied together and, early on in the ceremony, are passed around to the guests so each can hold them and bless them. Perhaps put a nice message on them, engraved by a custom rings melbourne service, that everyone can have a chance to read as they pass them around. So, by the time you receive them, they are filled with the warmth of all your family and friends & best wishes.

Make The Most Of The Lighting

If your wedding or reception is outdoors or has an outdoor area, have lights suspended from tree branches and lanterns too. Lots of candles make for an intimate and romantic atmosphere appropriate for any sort of wedding – float them in glass bowls or cluster them at varying heights on tables. Consider having a lighting specialist organise for your married monogram or other cool design to be projected onto the dance floor during your first dance.

Make the Music Personal

Walk down the aisle to a song that is particularly special for both of you. Give yourself plenty of time to compile a list of your married guests, and first-dance songs, and ask your DJ or band to play those tunes throughout the night. You could even send guests home with a CD or USB containing the songs and a list of who chose it and how long they’ve been married.

A Sentimental Surprise

As a romantic surprise, when you’re reading the vows you wrote, add in a quote or two from an old love letter you held onto.

Forget Throwing the Bouquet

Instead of doing the traditional bouquet throw, give your bouquet to the couple that has been married the longest.

Go Big on Transport

Travel to the ceremony, and/or from the ceremony to the reception in romantic style. Don’t travel in any old car, travel in style in a limo or one of the other glamourous cars available at Dream Limousines, Inc, for example. You may select a vintage car, a horse and cart or even a fairytale pumpkin carriage! You could also go the extra mile and have your wedding on the move! Sydney Princess Cruises offer a great wedding cruise service. If you’re out that neck of the woods, you should definitely check them out, a friend of mine has recently gotten married on one of their cruises and she loved it, the pictures looked amazing too!

Slide Show

Excellent as an accompaniment to your first dance, a slide show of photographs of the two of you is sure to add to the romance factor of your reception.

Create a Romantic Photo Op

Draw a heart on the ground in chalk and get your guests to stand all around it to create an amazing love-filled photo op.

For Extra Romantic Impact

Consider including a dove release in your ceremony, projecting the moon and stars on a wall during the reception, hanging roses from the ceiling and/or ending the night with a fireworks display.

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