Summer Break Safety: Why You Should Track the Mobile Phone Location of Your Children on Their Vacation?

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If you have a child who likes to travel a lot, especially for educational trips, you should be really happy about it. The prospects of travelling are immense for your teens as they learn new skills, languages, and have more chances of getting better jobs and higher education.

In short, kids who travel for educational reasons have a broader understanding of things going around them, as compared to those who don’t. But while your child is away from home, this could also mean a grave danger to their safety as they don’t have their daily rules and routines to help them.

During spring or summer season, the rate of binge drinking amongst teens skyrocket along with others dangers that come as bonus with it including sexual assault, promiscuity, and violence so on.

That’s why, when your teen leaves for a holiday, it doesn’t mean your parenting can also get some days off; rather, it’s a continuous process where you can’t stop monitoring your child’s online and offline activities. In fact, it’s never so important for you to keep tabs on your children, as when they are vacationing. You should know exactly what your teens are doing and who they are doing it with.

How Location Tracking can Help?

“Where are my kids and what are they doing right now?”; this enigma can be solved quite easily when you track phone location of your kids, as aforementioned, perverse holiday habits of kids are what parents should worry about.

A smartphone monitoring app like xnpsy can be downloaded on your kids’ cell phone to track their real-time location stats. Moreover, you can also know exactly where your child has been roaming for the entire day. But how would you know if your child enters a dangerous or inappropriate place, like a pub or some dangerous neighborhood?Well, there is a solution too.

Well, there is a solution too. XnSPY provides location watchlisting, so you can always mark all the dangerous locations on the map and get alert notification if your child enters of leave those Watchlisted locations.

But there is also something else you can also do about this issue, but the question is:

Do I Need a Chaperone for my Child?

Hands down, accompanying your child should be your first choice. And when you do so, expect your teens to balk excessively for your “overbearing” presence around them. Your child wouldn’t want distractions or restrictions on their summer getaway, but as long as you are parenting a minor, you have all the right to monitor their safety.

Set all the terms beforehand and stay in different rooms. This way, they will be more confident by participating in separate activities through the day and may feel better than travelling solo.

If your child is travelling with their friend’s parents, make sure that you know the chaperone and talk to them at least once about your rules and expectations of the trip. Accompanying your child with an adult is no guarantee of their safety. Whether your child is travelling with a chaperone or alone, always tell them to call you every morning and every night. Direct communication is an important part of their holiday safety.

What you Should Monitor About your Teen

Stranger-danger isn’t the only thing that you should be scared of. With your child carrying their personal smartphone, they are actually prone to many other digital risks that can get translated into in real-word risks. So here is what else you need to monitor about your child:

  • Browser history: This will ensure that your child isn’t referencing something inappropriate like porn, maybe.
  • Tinder: The reality is that your teen will look out for dates on their vacation, and therefore, you can’t sit back and deny this possibility. Tinder is the most widely used app for finding dates, so monitor everything your child does on this app. But don’t forget to talk to your child about the risks of blind dating and sex, after all, if you aren’t there with them, your instructions are what will help them.
  • Instagram: Here you will find all the photos from your teen’s trips, so don’t miss out what your teens will be sharing.
  • Kik Messenger: Teens use this app to exchange one-to-one texts. Expect them chatting with strangers or their travel mates using this app.

Other miscellaneous things to watch out for

  • Keep an eye on all unfamiliar texts, calls and newly acquainted people.
  • Photos or videos that that may reference to nudity, alcohol or drugs.
  • Any post that can ruin your child’s first impression. You should be really careful with this, especially when your child is on an educational trip.
  • Any hashtags that maybe a code language amongst teens for buying alcohol or drugs.

XNSPY can track phone location and also all of these aforementioned phone logs too. So if you are child is going on a vacation, smartphone monitoring is a great way to keep extensive tabs on their activity, both online and offline. For more detail visit their website.

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