My 4 Favourite Themed Hotels in Europe

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I have travelled like a pauper and like a queen, staying in some of the grubbiest hotels and hostels on the planet whilst enjoying stays at some rather weird and wonderful hotels. Some of my best memories have been inside themed accommodation – which have stood out in my mind. I mean, some of my best memories have also been from when I stayed in some real grubby, nasty hostels but, I figured an article about that wouldn’t have been the most inspiring so I decided I would share with you some of the best themed hotels in Europe, some of which I’ve stayed in and others I haven’t, yet…

Corona Save the Beach Hotel – Rome, Italy

Now, this isn’t one hotel stay I like to brag about too much – but it was most definitely an experience. Corona Save the Beach Hotel isn’t like your usual accommodation, as it has been created completely out of rubbish.

One person’s trash was literally this hotel’s treasure, as the structure, exterior and interior was created out of garbage. All the waste was collected from Europe’s polluted beaches – highlighting the world’s throwaway culture. It’s not just a hotel, it’s a piece of art and I loved it for a number of reasons, one being that it opened my eyes to the problem that we as a world population have with just so flippantly disposing of things.

The Shankly Hotel – Liverpool, England

I’m not much of a football fan – but I absolutely adored my stay at The Shankly Hotel in Liverpool. The accommodation might be inspired by the late, great football manager Bill Shankly, but it really didn’t feel too much like a sports hotel. I was treated to a stay here before I left for Europe by my family with a couple of my friends and it was phenomenal.

While the Liverpool hotel is clearly inspired by the life of the LFC football manager, it is also luxurious enough for non-football fans to enjoy their time at the hotel. Offering a comfortable style, luxurious bathrooms and a superb location, it is the ideal destination for anyone visiting the city. Football fans will also love the LFC memorabilia on the onsite The Bastion Bar & Restaurant – whilst I just loved the Liverpool Gin and the Shankly Burger. Yum!

Nhow – Berlin, Germany

It’s hard to keep up-to-date with the latest music when travelling across Europe. WiFi can be a rarity in some parts of the continent, and don’t get me started on phone signal. I would therefore often immerse myself in the songs I have loved for many years – and I was lucky enough to stay at nhow in Berlin, which was dedicated to some of the best acts and performers in the world.

One of my friends was thrilled when they could borrow a Gibson guitar from the hotel, as he hadn’t picked one up since he was last home. You can also take a walk along to the on-site studio for just 150 Euros, which is a bit pricey if you’re a traveller but a bargain if you want a recording studio experience.

Jumbo Stay, Stockholm Arlanda Airport, Sweden

I think the absolute best place I stayed, more for the view than anything else was the Jumbo Stay hotel which is a former Jumbo Jet from around 1976 and it has been converted to provide overnight accommodation. When it comes to choosing your accommodation, you can choose between an en-suite room, budget dormitory or twin rooms. The best room is a luxury cockpit suite complete with panoramic view and you might even catch some planes landing at Stockholm Arlanda airport next door.

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