The Top Long Distance Road Trips and Highlights Along The Way

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A road trip, many spelled road trip, is a lengthy distance traveled upon roads. Usually, road trips are typically long distance traveled by car. The basic elements of a road trip are cars, destinations and people. The basic elements of a road trip include cars, destinations and people.

In the United States, road trips can be made by individual motorists, large car rental companies, bus tours, or by large tour groups like camping tours. Most road trips begin in one town or city and end somewhere else. The route of a road trip varies from town to town and sometimes even counties. For example, in the State of California a road trip could start in San Diego and end at Los Angeles.

The major elements of road trips consist of cars, people and destinations. When making these trips, planning is extremely important. There are numerous ways in which to plan these excursions. Here are some of the most popular ones:

Long Distance road trips can be made by car or by bus. Car driven road trips tend to be faster (free of traffic jams), whereas bus driven road trips tend to be more relaxed. However, there is an increasing tendency for Americans to choose the automobile for long distance road trips. Many people choose the automobile because of its economical benefits. With gasoline prices at an all time high, the automobile makes sense.

A classic road trip starts in New York City, makes a few stops in New York City, and finally ends in a small town that is, well, just a town. The classic route of most road trips is New York to Boston, New York to Washington, D.C., and then on to the Canadian provinces ( Alberta and British Columbia in the case of the American route, and Ontario and Quebec in the case of the Canadian route). This “road trip” is, quite understandably, the most popular route. However, the classic route is not without its problems. There is an increased chance of experiencing traffic congestion, missing the train at New York, being caught in an accident, getting lost, getting the wrong hotel, getting involved in an accident, and experiencing the boredom of long-distance road trips.

To help minimize the boredom of long distance road trips, it is important to make the journey as enjoyable as possible. Most Americans are constantly on the road and have little time to dedicate to themselves. Luckily, with today’s modern technology, anyone can easily “attend” a road trip from their home computer. Online tools that allow travelers to connect with others who are taking the same road trip provides the ideal opportunity to socialize, experience the sights and sounds of the area, as well as enjoy the scenery.

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