Three of the Most Common Myths Regarding Ski Holidays

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Now, this is something I’ve never done but would love to. I almost had the opportunity when I was in Austria but one thing led to another and I was only in Austria for three days despite meaning to stay there for a week however, that’s a story for another day.

I know for a fact though that a skiing holiday is probably one of the most exciting and fun filled holidays that you could go on. From the adrenaline rush you get when gliding down the slopes to the taste of that well-earned hot chocolate, or alcoholic beverage, in the chalet afterwards. However, whenever I’ve spoken to someone about going skiing, a lot of the replies I get are about how expensive it is or whatever other myth they’ve been told by this person or that person. Well, I figured that for my next post, I would look into three of the most common myths about skiing and why they aren’t true.

Skiing Holidays are Expensive

Although learning to ski isn’t cheap, skiing holidays don’t have to be expensive if you plan ahead. There are a lot of different ways to cut your costs, from hiring all your equipment in advance, to borrowing clothing off of your experienced skier friends and booking your flights well in advance. At Iglu Ski there are amazing deals on ski holidays from a range of different tour operators in a variety of locations available, so you can browse to find something affordable. Staying somewhere where there are plenty of local stores available and eating in your chalet instead of at the expensive restaurants really helps. You might also think you have to book the higher end chalets as they are closer to the slopes, to save carrying your ski equipment a long distance. This is also a myth, as there are many resorts that offer ski rentals in Vail for example, and you can find somewhere perfect for what you need!

Skiing Holidays aren’t for Kids

A lot of people think that once they have children skiing holidays are off the menu. In fact, when children are young tends to be the best time to take them on a skiing holiday so that they learn whilst they’re young and fearless and get confident on the slopes at the age where falling over is a common occurrence. There are a number of children friendly resorts which have designated ski schools for kids to learn in with other children their age. A plus to this is, you’ll be able to sneak off for a go on the black runs until the time comes to pick them up.

You Need to be an Experienced Skier

Booking a few lessons at a dry ski slope before you go on a skiing holiday is advised. But if you’re going on holiday as a newbie skier, there’s always the opportunity to enrol in ski school to give you some confidence before getting on the slopes yourself so don’t let being inexperience put you off. You don’t need to be an experienced skier to go on a skiing holiday but it helps to have a bit of confidence if you’re wanting to go with experienced skiers and keep up.

There’s no feeling that compares to feeling the fresh mountain air on your skin and skiing holidays are something everyone should be able to enjoy, so don’t let these myths put you off from booking your first skiing holiday today. Also, another place I’ve not been but my parents have is the ski slope in Dubai. If you don’t want to sacrifice your sun, sea and sand, provided it’s within your budget, you should look to pay a visit to Dubai to get your fix of adrenaline and rays.

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