Top 4 Places to Hit Up in Paris

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Paris was on my hit list to visit for ages. But Paris has and probably always will be one of my most favourite cities in the world, and my holiday there was simply perfect.

Trying to be arty with the Eiffel Tower
I was trying to be arty with the Eiffel Tower

I’ve put this article together simply to celebrate the highlights of Paris, and to give those who haven’t yet visited the city a taste of what they’re missing…

Getting Around Paris

If it’s your first time in Paris I’d recommend taking advantage of the city bus tour service to get around. The tour bus might be a little more expensive than the subway but it allows you to soak up the city’s relaxed, vibrant atmosphere, and take in a lot more of its landmarks – who wants to spend time underground on a subway system that’s identical to every other one of the planet if they can help it?


I liked the tour bus because it gave me opportunity to people watch, and there are certainly rich pickings of weird and wonderful moments to observe in this eclectic city! Now, let’s get stuck into this list!

1. The Eiffel Tower

I’ve stuck the Eiffel Tower at the top of my list simply because it’s the city’s icon – but it’s also bloody awesome as well! For me, I don’t feel I need to say an awful lot about this as it says it all itself.

They lit the tower in our honour...

I highly recommend you visit early in the day if you want to go right to the top of the tower as its highest accessible point often becomes saturated with visitors, and then access is only permitted to the mid-level of the tower. Avoid being disappointed!

2. The Sex Museum

This is a few doors down from the Moulin Rouge, and consists of 7 floors of graphic pictures, sculptures, sex toys from silicone sex toys to hardcore BDSM equipment, and everything in between, and carvings, punctuated with the occasional porn film playing in random areas of the museum.

I LOVE the expressions on these guys' faces!

I LOVE the expressions on these guys’ faces!


I don’t think you’ll find this museum on many recommendation lists, but this is definitely one for the open-minded. It might even inspires you to do a little sex toy shopping of your own, and buy some of the toys that you see here!

Besides being a great place for some light-hearted fun, it’s also pretty fascinating looking at how people’s attitudes to sex have changed over the years, and how it’s presence has altered and developed in art and the media over the last few decades. Fun and education; what more could you want?

Interesting...that is all :o)

3. The Louvre

I LOVE the film The Da Vinci Code –the bit at the end when Tom Hanks is kneeling down at the pyramid at The Louvre in is so moving! (I really am sad!) It’s one of Paris’ top attractions, and hosts the works of Da Vinci – including the Mona Lisa, – Michelangelo, Raphael and Greek sculptures such as the Venus de Milo Don display. My verdict: definitely worth a visit.

TOP TIP: be really sneaky and skip the long queues at the pyramid entrance by accessing the museum through its underground entrance through the Carousel de Louvre shopping mall! (This is also where you’ll find La Pyramide Inversee (the inverted pyramid) – where Tom Hanks kneels down in the Da Vinci Code!

Louvre Inverted Pyramid

4. The Moulin Rouge

You HAVE to add this to your itinerary – it ain’t cheap but it is a great way to kick-start a night out and is well worth the money. One of my favourite parts of the show was the shadow puppet act – I know that sounds really geeky and childish but trust me, it was hilarious!

Voulez vous couche avec moi ce soir... he he

Voulez vous couche avec moi ce soir… he he

I’m well aware the theme of this article seems to be book in advance, but it’s a good idea for the Moulin Rouge because you can sometimes get discounts with booking on line, and with it being a pricier activity in Paris, every little helps!

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