Top tips on saving money on hotels

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From a business trip to long planned family vacation, a hotel room is something you need to consider as planning your itinerary. So you want to save on the cost of your room? These are a few simple ways to do so when time comes to book and plan your trip.

Book early –
The earlier you book the better. Not only do more companies have more available rooms, by not waiting last minute, you won’t pay those hiked up rates for last minute travel deals. Plus most hotel chains and booking sites offer price guarantees; so if rates go down after you do book, they typically refund you the difference.

Book in packages –
Go with all-inclusive deals when you can. If you can book airfare, hotel, dining, and car hire all together, go ahead and do so. Hotels typically team up with airlines, with different rental companies, and set up packages, so you stay at their property. Further, they offer discounted pricing when you book bundle packages, so you pay far less than you would if you booked everything individually.

Compare –
Use a hotel booking site. Doing this allows you to directly compare the top hotel chains, changes in pricing, room availability, and even the prices based on the days you want to stay during your vacation get away. You can compare several sites, you can compare different rooms, and of course you can compare different travel dates, so you can find the best deal out there.

Make sure you know when to travel. By taking a trip off season (not peak season) you save a great deal of money as well. So if your dates are flexible, plan accordingly. No matter where you plan on going, you can save on your travels. These are a few simple ways anyone can save when booking a hotel room.

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