Travel to Finland – A Guide to Solo Travelers, Group Travellers, and International Hotel Rates

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Northern Finland is the most northern European country in the area. The country is endowed with scenic beauty, snow capped mountains, breathtaking landscapes, beautiful forests, and thousands of exciting activities. If you are a thrill seeker, then this place is an absolute heaven! Whether you’re a first time traveler or someone who likes to explore the best that northern Europe has to offer, there’s definitely something for you in Finland.

Northern Finland is an absolutely beautiful country. With its picturesque countryside, magnificent mountains, and picturesque lakes, it’s simply an unforgettable experience. The real fun in northern Finland is to discover all that this country has to offer. Some of the best attractions include the spectacular Aland Islands, the ever-popular Finland archipelago, the highly acclaimed tourist cities of Turku, Helsinki, and Espoo, as well as the scenic Vantaa archipelago. It’s a fast-rising tourist spot.

However, if you plan to travel Finland, you must do it properly, otherwise, you might end up disappointed. For starters, while there’s no doubt that northern Finland is indeed beautiful, I wouldn’t recommend going to the more remote areas of the country. I’ve been to plenty of travel websites that mention the “moon tours” or “hiking tours” in their descriptions. These tours are usually accompanied by an equally strenuous onward trek to the nearest city, which would probably be an empty tourist center, a parking lot, or a parking garage. I would definitely avoid these.

I would also not recommend any northern Finland travel during the winter. Finland is known for its freezing climate, so even if you take a ferry from the island of Espoo, which takes just over one hour, it still can be a long walk in the evening. The weather in Finland can also be intensely cold in January, February, and March. If you have young kids with whom you want to travel to Finland, I would strongly recommend that you make your trip a family affair. While the children will be more likely to enjoy themselves more if they’re outdoors playing, if your family is small and compact, going through all that activity together may not be ideal.

Finally, I would not recommend traveling Finland if you’re looking for a large number of international hotel accommodations. Finland has a lot more cultural heritage sites than do the other countries on this list, but because of its smaller size, its tourist infrastructure doesn’t have nearly the same capacity to accommodate a large number of foreign tourists. Also, I find that the prices in Finland (for hotel accommodations) tend to be a lot more expensive. That’s especially true if you are going to spend at least three weeks in Finland.

Traveling by air is an option for solo travelers, as well as group travelers. From recent history, Finland was, for a period of time, ruled by the Russian Empire. Though Russian rule was formally abolished in 1992, the area of FINSA, which includes HELSINKAR and the northern part of FINNA, still serves to serve as a reminder of how far east Europe has fallen from the former glory of European greatness.

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