Travelling Tips For High Cholesterol Sufferers

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Travelling can be a stressful experience for anyone, not least if you suffer from high cholesterol; there are numerous pitfalls, from the food provided abroad to receiving medication, that must be prepared and thought through before any such travel. It should be relatively easy to have a problem-free holiday or trip, so long as you follow these simple tips through careful planning.

Before You Go

Firstly, before setting off on any trip, it is vital that your GP has given you the approval to travel.

It is crucial that you not only bring your medication with you but that you remember to get your prescription early. Try to pack some within your carry-on luggage just in case of delays and don’t forget to leave some waiting at home for when you return. Pack the instructions in case of an emergency abroad.

Travel insurance is another critical addition to your pre-travel checklist. Be sure you have the right cover policy and remember to keep the documents at hand.

Other useful luggage items that should be kept at hand are fibre supplements, dried fruit and other fibre rich packable items such as water solubles. When travelling, it is not always easy to get a high-fibre meal, yet fibre is crucial to heart health and energy release. Be sure to keep a supplement just in case.

Book a self-catering trip. This will ensure that you control what you eat and when you eat, allowing you to regulate the quality and quantity of your low-cholesterol meals.

Pack a phrase book so that you can converse and read menus when you are at your destination; try to underline the phrases and words beforehand so you know what kind of meal you should be ordering.

During Your Trip

Keep active as you would at home. If you are in a hotel, go to the gym or swimming pool. If not, go jogging as you would at home. If you are in a hiking or sightseeing area, plan a lengthy period on foot. Don’t over exert yourself, but don’t keep your feet up either. When travelling, it is also important that you get up and move. Take walking breaks on the flight, wander by foot in the airport and try to get an aisle seat for ease of movement.

Read your menu carefully. Remember that phrase book? Get it out and choose low-fat, healthy options rather than anything fried, creamy, salty or fatty. You may need to ask questions if you are going for an unfamiliar meal. Don’t feel shy, use this as a chance to practice the language and research you have put in beforehand. Your high cholesterol will be taken into account, and you will be able to try new, fresh and potentially unfamiliar foods along the way. Also, remember to measure your alcohol intake and try and go for a variety of fruits for dessert. You can enjoy yourself too but remember the motto “in moderation.”

Drink water. As with any trip, remember to stay hydrated at all times.

Returning Home

Just follow the previous tips and checklists to make sure your high cholesterol is taken into account on the return journey.

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