Why A UK Break Could Be Exactly What You Need

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British breaks get a lot of stick. For years, holidaymakers have ditched our faithful shores for the call of sun and sandy beaches abroad. But jumping on the next plane and heading to a hotter climate doesn’t have to be the only way you holiday. Instead, you could plan on staying right here in Old Blighty and still have a jolly old time. But the question is, are you up to the challenge? Because not only do you have to change your mindset to make this work, you’re going to want to do a bit of planning, and prepare yourself for a bit of rain, just in case! But for now, let’s take a look at why it could work for you.

Travel Is Easier


You have to admit when you choose a UK break, the travel options are so much easier. You don’t have to get yourself to the airport, pay for parking, get through airport security, and then get yourself to the destination when you arrive in your country of choice. Because in the UK, you only have to go an hour down the road to feel like you’re someplace new. And that’s often a blessed relief when you’re not the best traveller in the world!


Budgets Are Better


The next selling point on the link involves money. And we all love it when we can keep more of our money but still enjoy ourselves, don’t we? Budgeting for your holidays can be half the battle. And although cheap flights and budget accommodation can be the allure of European holidays, staying in the UK can be just as purse-friendly. When you shop around, and are happy to book out of season, you can get some incredible prices and put more towards the experience when you’re there.




Options Are Exciting


When you’re going abroad on a typical British holiday, you often know what to expect. You’ll lay by the pool, read, relax, maybe take a walk to the beach and eat. There’s always a lot of eating. But when you’re in the UK, your holidaying options are often a lot more exciting. Whether you choose a coast to coast bike ride or a country cooking lesson, experiences are a huge part of the plan. And that can be so much more exciting than just doing nothing.


Sights Are Beautiful


And you’ve got to admit, Britain is a beauty. Okay so most of Europe is pretty too, but we really do live in an incredibly stunning place. So don’t you want to get out there, see the sights, and explore the country you love? The answer’s got to be YES!


And There’s No Weight Limit!


And yes, you did read that right. Because sometimes, having to stick to the weight limit or trying to pack everything you need in hand luggage can be a big old battle in itself. But when you decide to holiday in the UK, you can pack the car with whatever you want, and off you go! It really is as easy as that. So there’s no worrying about what to wear, because you can bring everything you own if you really want!

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