Hello and thanks for taking the time to visit my blog!

I hope you like what you’ve read so far! If you like the content and you like writing content then you’re in luck as I’m currently accepting high quality, well-written guest posts.

If you’re interested in contributing to my blog then I’ve no doubt you’ll have some questions. I’ll try and pre-empt as many of them as possible here so you can just contact me with your content ideas.

What kind of guest posts am I after?

  • Any destinations from across Europe that you have visited and wish to tell the rest of the world about
  • Anything outdoor related from across the Europe
  • Travelling adventures in all corners of Europe
  • Weird and wonderful holiday adventures
  • Bucket list ideas
  • Travel tips
  • Holiday budgeting ideas
  • Image gallery of your travels
  • Reviews for hotels and accommodation
  • Links to offers and deals

What kind of content do we NOT want?

  • Posts that are just to promote tour product or business
  • Posts that contain bad language
  • Posts containing anything related to animal cruelty
  • Posts that inside hatred or contain racist language
  • Basically if its just plain mean or involves being unpleasant in any way then its a BIG NO

What do I get out of contributing?

You will be able to include one link back in the body of your post linking back to your website. I will allow more than one link in a post provided it’s an informative link, a link that goes somewhere that provides more value to your post or backs up a statement.

Do you have any guidelines to follow?

  • The content must be unique and not have been posted anywhere else.
  • Must be a minimum of 500 words.
  • I would like it if you can include pictures or videos.
  • Outdoor activities or travel post.
  • Please only submit high quality images that are free from copyright

If you’re happy with all of the above then feel free to fill out the contact form below with some information about what you would like to write about and we will be in touch!


Comments or questions are welcome.

Thanks Maggie x